Grace Chepenik Art

Miami based artist, Florida native.

Inspired by color and the light you radiate.

I work in a spectrum of mediums; including oil/ acrylic paint, glassblowing/ glasscasting & printmaking.


Voyage Miami Article

Interview for Voyage Miami, a local news source for inspiring stories. 


Positano News

Article published in the Positano News during my summer abroad in Italy. 


Live Painting in Sorrento

While interning at SyArt, I was the featured artist at Hotel Vittoria Excelsior. 


Excerpt by Marine Peca

"...She channels her thoughts and emotions and expresses them through her art.”

Chepenik’s “vibrant personality,” that all her friends adore so much is what really stands out in her art. She describes herself as a colorist with an obsession for threading bright colors. Every single one of her pieces seems to be “an extension of [her]self,” and as she creates these paintings, she is constantly thinking of the basic primary colors, and what colors she could make with those. Some of the mediums she likes using for her bright colors include acrylics and oil paints, mostly done on canvas. 

She feels her style hasn't really evolved as much as she “has been able to execute what [she] envisions more precisely,” and the fact the she has been relentlessly practicing everyday (or working on commissions) helped her really find out what she could do.

When questioned about her inspirations Grace felt like she “draws inspirations from everywhere.” She stated receiving a higher education in art inspires her because she constantly learns about famous and successful artists, and their advanced techniques. The courses she takes at the University of Miami have also helped her tremendously, as she is able to learn and polish her skills during courses such as glassblowing. 

In the future, Grace plans to be financially successful through her her artwork. She says she will use the money she makes to travel the world, gain more inspiration and experiences and then create more art."

Glassblowing in Murano

Had the wonderful opportunity to go glassblow this summer in the holy land for glass- Murano.

Live Painting in Italy

Live painting inspired by the lemons specific to Southern Italy. Acrylic on canvas for the Sant'Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy.


2019 interview, produced by Zach Stubblefield & Marine Paccarnari

Glass blowing video 2019

Videos of me at the University of Miami's studio.

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